Press Release
April 10, 2008
Contact Information:
In New York City:
Fred Villanueva Studio
cell (917)-554-5286
In Washington, DC:
The Pope John Paul II Cultural Center
(202) 635-5400

In Dallas, TX:
Fred Villanueva Studio
cell (917)-554-5286


Pope Benedict XVI blessing for artist Fred Villanueva in Rome during a Papal Audience. January 2007

Pope Benedict XVI visiting the Pope John Paul II Cultural Center, in Washington, D.C., April 2008, after viewing this work, which was created by Fred Villanueva, and was displayed thanks to Dr. Dempsey, and Luis Peralta, then curator of the Pope John Paul II Cultural Center. The occasion was an official papal visit to the United States, which included this interfaith meeting of Buddhists, Muslims, Jews, and many other faiths.

The painting was published in the "Book of Saints: A Day to Day Illustrated Encyclopedia", by Weldon Owen /Metro Books, 2010 and 2012.

Left to right above are:
St. JoseMaria Escriva, St. Augustine (after Boticelli), St. Brigid of
Sweden, Sistine Madonna(after Rafael), Benedict XVI, Albertus Magnus, St.
Gregory, St. Irenaeus,

and then below left to right
are St. Catherine of Siena (after Beccafumi), St. John of the Cross, St. Teresa of Avila
(after Rubens), and St. Thomas Aquinas(after Crivelli), and St.
Bonaventure(after Murillo), and center, Cat (after Leonardo da Vinci).